Tiffany Tan is a Taiwanese-American Illustrator with a love for exploring mediums and trying new things. She is currently an ArtCenter College of Design student studying under Illustration Design. Her illustrations usually depict plant life and everyday human interactions and emotions in a very playful manner. Tiffany includes what she feels and observes in everyday life whether it was from the stress of being a full time student and having to deal with being in her awkward early 20s, or she derives ideas from nature and incorporates a unique and kind of sentimental twist to it. She spends her free time playing with her dog Laifu and happily tending to her many plants.




2015-Current | ArtCenter College of Design - Pasadena, CA

2017 | Italy Study Abroad Program | 6 weeks in Modena, IT

2014-2015 | Vision21 Portfolio Prep - Arcadia, CA



2016-Current | Michael's Fine Arts | Art Teacher

2018-Current | NapCap | Freelance Designer

2018 | Karuma | Merchandise Freelance Designer



2019 | Society of Illustrators | Museum on American Illustration - New York

2019 | ArtCenter Gallery | ArtCenter College of Design - Pasadena, CA

2018 | Giant Robot Post It Show 14 | GR2 Gallery - Los Angeles, CA

2018 | Young Blood Pop Up Show | Nous Tous Gallery - Chinatown, CA

2016 | ArtCenter Gallery | ArtCenter College of Design - Pasadena, CA



2019 | Society of Illustrators New York Student Scholarship Competition

2019 | Sappi Ideas that Matter Grant - Haiti Children’s Book: “ki jan m ka ede w?”

2016-2019 | ArtCenter College of Design Provost List

2016-Current | ArtCenter College of Design Departmental Scholarship

2015-Current | ArtCenter College of Design Student Scholarship

2014 | Girl Scouts Gold Award